The Rolls-Royce Ghost Best ( king of cars )

There is only one car that can be called the king of cars for decades — Rolls-Royce. It’s not how fast these cars can go, but how noble they can be. So when Rolls-Royce launched the new second generation Ghost, people were most interested in the amount of top-notch technology it contained.

It was discovered that many details were changed in the second generation Ghost, including the style of the air intake flap at the bottom and air intakes on both sides, the protruding depth of the main body of the center screen of the water tank and the reshaping of the hood itself.

king of cars

Of course, car headlights have also redesigned the look and evolved into a simpler hook-shaped light strip with laser LED lighting. Also, 20 groups of LED lights were added to create a deeper visual aura when driving at night.

Rolls-Royce is the only brand that still uses a V12 engine, so it doesn’t want to easily ditch this classic powertrain based on performance and power demands. Therefore, the 6.75-liter V12 twin-turbo engine is retained again with a maximum output of 420 kW (571 HP)) / 5000 rpm, maximum torque 86.68 kgm / 1600 rpm.

The output curve has been adjusted to enhance the low-speed torque characteristics. To improve performance and the passenger experience in the vehicle, Rolls-Royce has redesigned the air intake system to effectively reduce sound or vibration transmitted from the engine to the cab.

On the other hand, the engine is equipped with an 8-speed manual transmission, code-named 8HP90 from ZF, as well as permanent AWD all-wheel drive and active all-wheel steering. In addition to technology, Power Mode can also use the front-mounted lens and in-vehicle GPS satellite signal detection to predict and prepare in advance for possible acceleration or deceleration.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Of course, detection technology does not only apply to auxiliary power output. An exclusive all-aluminum platform called the «Architecture of Luxury» uses a double A-arm suspension at the front and 5-link at the rear.

In addition to the electronically damped air suspension with variable adaptive mechanism, the new Ghost also utilizes a decade of research and development called the Planar Suspension System.

It refers to the geometric plane of the entire structure. In this system design, the upper A-arms of the front suspension are complemented by a new damping system to more delicately eliminate vibration amplitude from the road surface.

In addition, in the Planar system, the same technology as in the power system is also used to obtain information on the direct route, road surface and various dynamic characteristics measured by the front lens and GPS signals.

The suspension’s internal damping parameters are pre-configured with high-speed computing and electronic damping so that you can turn on different roads. Excellent stability can be obtained in speed, road conditions or driving situations, so that the passengers in the car can truly experience the feeling of «moving in the air».

Due to the new chassis settings, the standard version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is 5546 mm long, 1978 mm wide, 1571 mm high and has a 3295 mm wheelbase. The extended long axle version increases the length to 5716 mm (axle distance 3465 mm), the longer and wider, the more space in the cabin becomes more spacious and comfortable, and

Rolls-Royce engineers want every car owner and passenger to enjoy the highest comfort in the car. and more importantly, a comfortable sitting position.

In order to create an isolated automobile wonderland, in addition to changing the relative position of the internal structural parts of the vehicle, the materials and installation methods of all vehicle components are more carefully selected and adjusted to completely reduce the resonance of objects while the vehicle is running.

Rolls-Royce acoustic engineers are not limited to just isolating the outside world or the sound source produced by the car body to give passengers the best musical feast, 18 high-quality surround sound systems with 1300W output power are properly installed in all directions in the Ghost, which can be calculated according to the needs of the user.

To keep the sound field always in perfect condition, the car has two microphones that detect the state of the sound wave in the car at any time and adjust the output volume of each sound source at any time to reach the system

On the other hand, to improve

The integration of existing components in a Rolls-Royce naturally maintains the highest level of craftsmanship. Over 300 panel components are organized using a large amount of high quality leather, wood and metal, from opening to shaping wood.

Metal parts are polished to the finest leather stitching of every stitch and every thread for the best visual and tactile experience of almost 360 degrees.

Rolls Royce

Of course, one cannot forget the most famous canopy with a starry sky, which is sewn by hand. Thousands of optical fiber holes are covered in leather, and the appearance of over a thousand micro-optical LEDs is combined with a deep sense of cockpit space that is almost infinitely close to the starry desert sky at midnight, and this time Ghost has launched a new starry sky.

The panel design uses 850 LED light sources with laser-cut ultra-thin panels with tens of thousands of holes and multi-layer paint that also simulates the natural and charming look of the starry sky.

From the look of the car model, power selection and tuning, to the latest cutting-edge technology, the second generation Ghost is impressive. It still matches the style and design of the existing Rolls-Royce brand. Ultimately, everyone who drives it will receive the highest pleasure; the V12 engine has the most luxurious adjustment options combined with active power, GPS, suspension adjustment, equipped with an electric opening and braking system for the first time.

2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Price Starts From $ 350,000

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