Royal jelly (composition and application) buy in America

Many people now have a craze for bees and their products. That only honey lovers have not told me! That he also rejuvenates the body and saves everyone from diseases, up to cancer. So I also decided to try bee products on myself. I liked the perga, now I settled on royal jelly.

What kind of milk is this?

Scientists in Japan have discovered the unique ability of royal jelly to remove the effects of radiation. As a result, all children’s institutions were provided with a special diet consisting of 3 times the use of this bee product in its various forms.

Royal jelly buy in America

For this, Japan began to develop the production of royal jelly and to purchase it in large volumes. For example, Japan in 1995 consumed 94.7 tons of this bee product: of which 82.7 tons were purchased, and 12 tons were manufactured.

Royal jelly is a product that honeybees feed their larvae and their larvae throughout the entire growth period. The primary product of royal jelly is pollen, which is collected by the nurse bees. It is obtained by beekeepers from the largest cells of the honeycomb or from special cells made of artificial materials.

Royal jelly composition

Royal jelly has a very complex composition. • Water content: 65-66, 5% • Protein: 14-18% • Carbohydrates: 9-19% • Fats: 1, 7-5, 7% • Mineral salts: 1% or more.

It also contains: proteins, hormones (testosterone, progesterone, estradiol), carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose), vitamins necessary for the body

  • PP,
  • A,
  • B12,
  • B3,
  • D,
  • B15,
  • C,
  • B1,
  • B2,
  • pantothenic acid,
  • E,
  • B6,
  • H, trace elements, lipids.

Thanks to the substance found in royal jelly — sildenafil, it became possible to treat impotence and this is a fact!

This property of this unique bee product has long been noted by beekeepers. Royal jelly has found its application in both the cosmetic and medical industries.

Effect on bees

«Scientists have proven that treatment with royal jelly is much more effective than the use of drugs» (R. Chauvin — professor at the Sorbonne University)

Beekeepers have always been interested in one question:

  1. where does the queen bee come from,
  2. although it came out of the same egg as other bees,
  3. such an unusual ability to lay a huge number of eggs (up to 2 thousand per day)?

Why is she 2 times larger than other bees and lives the longest: 6 years, while her children: 30-35 days?

And the whole secret is that the queen bee feeds on a special food at the initial stages of her life. An egg, from which a queen will emerge in the future, is placed in a special cell, shaped like an acorn, in a queen cell, where the larva begins to feed on royal jelly, which is produced by the nurse bees from pollen. It is a viscous white-nacreous mass.

The bee larva, which feeds on royal jelly, grows rapidly and in 5 days it increases in size 1600 times. So she becomes a queen bee and lives 50 times longer than an ordinary bee.

Royal jelly is the strongest biological stimulant known to science today. Its price has always been very high. It is not for nothing that royal jelly is nicknamed «royal jelly». The process of collecting this bee product is very laborious (literally tenths of a gram) and is harvested for only a few weeks a year.

How does royal jelly affect health? Its Benefits.

Royal jelly is the most powerful biological stimulant, as it combines all known trace elements. And, thanks to this, it is famous for its unique healing properties. It includes DNA in the amount of 230-240 μg / g.

Thus, royal jelly influences the body at the genetic level, programming it for healing, as well as rejuvenating it at the cellular level.

The main action of royal jelly is a powerful increase in immunity so that the body can cope with ailments on its own. This bee product, in addition to its medicinal properties, has a prophylactic value throughout the world from various kinds of diseases. It also relieves nervous tension and physical fatigue, is used for sleep, memory, appetite disorders, increases working capacity, immunity and helps to increase overall vitality (Directly a panacea of ​​some kind).

Royal jelly helps to regulate metabolism, restore strength and improve the formation of breast milk in nursing mothers.

Royal jelly is sold in two forms:
fresh and powdery (dry, obtained from dried fresh milk) Naturally, dry milk loses some of its health-improving properties, but it is used in the production of medicines.

This unique bee product is used in the treatment of diseases associated with the central nervous system, which are caused by vascular diseases or trophic changes. It is useful to take milk during menopause, neurasthenia, hysteria, neurosis of the heart, etc. For this, a mixture is made: half a teaspoon of royal jelly is mixed with honey (1: 100). It should be taken 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks. After a short break, the course can be repeated. Nab

There is a beneficial effect in the complex treatment of schizophrenia, encephalitis and various psychoses.

Royal jelly helps to improve mental and physical performance. That is why it is recommended for athletes during physical training, as well as for students before exams.

The positive effect of royal jelly on diabetics has also been noticed. After a six-month course of treatment, blood sugar levels are significantly reduced. In some cases, during treatment, endocrinologists reduce or completely cancel insulin intake. This bee product is also used in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases arising in connection with metabolic disorders.

Thanks to the use of royal jelly, cholesterol is reduced, vasospasm is relieved. Patients with cardiovascular diseases can also successfully use royal jelly for the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. It is also recommended to take royal jelly during the rehabilitation period after heart attacks.

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